Bates Motel gets Extreme Makeover

The build and design crew have been working all winter to renovate and improve the number one Haunted Attraction in America. They have ripped out five entire rooms and hallways and have plans in place to make this awesome attraction even better for 2012!

Tearing out the walls inside the Bates Motel

With the mild winter, we have been able to work inside the Haunted House (no heat) for the last several weeks, removing props, sets and wall panels in anticipation of major additions for the upcoming season. Some of the ideas we have conjured up are a high-tech haunted kitchen, basement and boiler scene and a highly detailed wine cellar. All these rooms will be outfitted with amazing scares and surprises. If anyone has any ideas for room design or would like to see something different, email us at

2 Responses to Bates Motel gets Extreme Makeover

  1. Abby says:

    Hi I would like you to remove the spiders becuase last year they made me physically cry and if they are there this year i will not come

  2. Eric says:

    i would like for the wine bottles to look like they are falling out of the walls and for the knifes in the kitchen to be on the seling and the seling would shake and it would look like the knifes fell but there on like strings

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